Return Beat

1  837 - English Oak

She is a Royal guardian heralded by Summer Solstice, she represents a potent force in fertility. There are many symbols associated with this noble and regal tree.  From her material properties she poetically represents: Strength, sovereignty, durability, generosity, protection, justice, bravery symbolised by the value of Diamond and Gold.

 Back in the days before the dark ages and the Romans, she was still the tallest living creature in many landscapes, this made her vulnerable to lightning strikes; hence the reason for making her sacred to gods who ruled over thunder and lightning, whether it was Zeus, Jupiter or Dagda. Ancient kings were garlanded with crowns of oak leaves and Druids habitually practiced and worshipped their sacred rituals in her groves, placing great value on the mistletoe that can be found in her branches. Medicinally, she can be most effective because of her bark’s bitter properties. When drunk as a tea, she can help to ease diarrhoea and dysentery. When applied as a balm, its cooling properties are an effective treatment for eczema, wounds and inflamed gums.