Return Beat


CV and Publications

Publications include; 

  • The Dance of the Return Beat  in Graham Harvey (ed.) Handbook about Animism, E.J. Brill (2013)  
  • Art as Eudaimonia: Embodied identities and the Return beat in Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon (ed.), Identity, performance and technology: practices of empowerment, embodiment and technicity. Palgrave Macmillan (2012) 
  • An Avatar’s Broken Memory’: Body, Space & Technology, ISSN 1470-9120 is published in association with the School of Arts at Brunel (2011)
  • The Physical Journal: The living body that writes and rewrites itself: in Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon (Ed) Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies Writings of the Body in 21st Century Performance Palgrave Macmillan (2009).
  • The Orishas: The Influence of the Yoruba Cultural Diaspora’ in Harvey and Thompson (Ed.) Indgenous Diasporas and Dislocations Ashgate (2005) 
  • Music, Art and Movement among the Yoruba: in Harvey (Ed.): Indigenous Religions Cassell (2000). 
  • The Return Beat in Wood (Ed.): The Virtual Embodied. Routledge (1998),